Outdoor Corporate Event Ideas for the SummerThe dog days of summer are typically the time when everyone is ready for a break from the everyday grind. That’s why it’s the most popular time to host a corporate event. And after months of wintry weather, it’s also the time most people would like to get outside. Planning an outing doesn’t have to be stressful, and the outdoor event lighting Phoenix AZ specialists are proud to present the list of the best outdoor corporate event ideas for the summer.

The Best Summer Event Ideas for Companies

  1. Take ‘Em Out to the Ballgame

Outdoor Corporate Event Ideas for the SummerAmerica’s pastime provides a quick and easy solution to the corporate event conundrum. The boys of summer play nearly every day, so it’s easy to plan a date to take your team to a baseball game. And what’s more, today’s stadiums offer much more than just an in-game experience. Most, if not all, ballparks have suites, bleacher parties, picnic parties and field or upper deck party areas. You can also often get great group or corporate discounts for your event.

  1. Hit the Links

A day on the golf course is great for corporate team building and comradery. And with nearly 30 million golfers in the United States alone, there’s a pretty good chance many on your team already like to hit the links. A golf outing is also easy to put together as there’s several different competitions to choose from. Challenge your team in putting, a hole-in-one or closest to the pin contests, or put groups of twos or fours together and have everyone play for a grand prize.

  1. Spend a Day at the Track

Depending upon your location, you could opt to spend a day with your colleagues at the track. Thoroughbred racing tracks offer a variety of group entertainment packages, including executive dining rooms and suites, box seats, marquee tents and meeting facilities. You can enjoy great views, great food and an overall great time. You can also document the event for years to come by taking a group photo in the winner’s circle.

  1. Explore the Outdoors

Outdoor Corporate Event Ideas for the SummerIf you want to have an outdoor event, consider actually exploring the outdoors. Zoos, horse barns, botanic gardens and wineries are great group settings. You could also take the team out for a retreat in the woods, off-road or jeep tours, horseback riding tours, a fishing expedition or a hiking and biking retreat. You can recharge the batteries of your entire team with just a little fresh air.

  1. Stage a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is another fantastic outdoor company event. You can stage the hunt at a park, outside the office or in the heart of your city. You can break your staff into small groups and offer prizes to the top teams. And thanks to advancements in technology, tracking the progress of the teams is easier than ever before with apps or free websites. You can wrap up the hunt with a lunch or dinner at the final site of the hunt.

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